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Quick search registers books in the archives of Ukraine

Genealogical archival documents

The main types of archival documents of pre-revolutionary period in Russia and Ukraine are:

1. Parish registers, in which details of baptisms, marriages and burials are recorded

2. Population census documents:
Regional population censuses for tax-paying purposes, 10 censuses were made in the period of 1718 through 1858.
Russia Population  Census of 1895-1897
USSR Population Census of 1920

3. Recruiting lists, which include all male persons of military age

4. Other lists (lists of landowners, lists of tenants and leaseholders, lists of election voters, immigration lists)

5. Documents of higher and secondary educational institutions.

6. Documents of judicial institutions and police departments.

7. Notarial records.

The structure of the documents of the former Russian Empire, Galicia, Bukovina, Transcarpathia, and some other border areas have some minor differences.

In the near future, we will describe in more detail what information you can gather from these types of documents on our web site.

At the bottom of this page you can see some documents samples of XIX – early XX centuries from different regions of Ukraine.


Lists of the first general census of the Russian Empire in 1897

Household books of rural councils as proof of nationality

Кольцо генеалогических сайтов Рейтинг