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Genealogy research

We offer Professional genealogy research  service in Ukraine. Our company has access to almost all archives available in the area and unique document lookup and retrieval capabilities.

To find out whether there is the possibility of studying of your particular case from our side please submit the form or send an email with initial information you have to We will check our records and database for availability of historical records and other corresponding documents and then provide you with this information -including the estimated research cost.


Several conditions have impact on estimated price of research process:
1.   Number of documents which should be studied
2.   Number of archives which should be visited
3.   Document analysis complexity (document age, its condition)
4.   Possible additional costs which depends on concrete archival institution

If you’re not sure in correctness or accuracy of your initial information, we can offer staged research with initial check whether at least one of your ancestors had lived in the specified area and in case of positive result we can arrange next steps which could be taken.


We may wonder, “Why do we need to know our family tree?”. There are many answers here. This is respect for their ancestors and the entire family, the desire to see patterns and trends in the lives of different generations of our ancestors, curiosity, the urge to make an unusual gift for parents on their anniversary … But there is another interesting reason – in many religions, esoteric teachings, and even in in scientific works, we come across the following thought: “Knowledge of centuries-old names and surnames is the fortitude for posterity, which allows us to achieve great success in life. And the deeper our knowledge of our ancestors, the more successful we and our children!”

Do you want luck to come into your life?

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