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Lists of repressed during the great terror in the USSR 1937-1938 in the territory of modern Ukraine

The terrible period of the “Great Terror” – the unprecedented mass Stalinist repressions of 1937-1938, left indelible scars in the lives of many families living at that time in the USSR. The number of convicts for political reasons only on confirmed data is close to one and a half million. More than 70 years have passed since then, but even today, the descendants of the victims in those days continue to search for information about their relatives in order to find out the truth, restore lost family ties, find people with whom they have blood relationship and burial places of innocently dead ancestors. To facilitate the process of such a search, we post on the website lists of people repressed in the territory of modern Ukraine by areas that are accessible for study and information from which can become not only a source for the restoration of the pedigree, but also evidence of Jewish, Polish, German, Hungarian, Romanian and other nationality.

Lists of the repressed in the years 1937-1938 in the USSR in the Vinnitsa region

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