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Quick search registers books in the archives of Ukraine

Prices and Payment

The cost of genealogical research mainly depends on:

1. Geographic region(s) where your ancestors lived.
Documents related to some cities and settlements may be stored in several archival institutions, sometimes even outside of the Ukraine. It has influence on travel expenses which are included in estimated research price.

2. Desired research depth.
Count of generations included in the research has impact on the time, spent by the researcher.
Typically, information is available to the beginning of XIX century, however, there are times when you can go down up to the XVII century.

3. The number of surnames to lookup.
You decide how broad the research should be. Do you want to search only through the mother ancestors, the father ancestors, the father and mother ancestors, or even more broadly?

Due to a number of factors, genealogical investigation is a very individual task, thus to determine the exact cost and the involved time of work is often possible only after thorough analysis of the task and doing certain preliminary analysis/research, to verify and specify the accuracy of family saga.

The number of work days at this stage depends on how many surnames are involved, how exact we are about the vital facts (birth, marriage, death) and the assumed places of residence.
The volumes of vs registration books in different towns vary from 50 to 400 sheets.
Our experience shows that an average volume of viewing makes max 1,000 sheets / day. Also this amount is imposed in most of the archives, as the maximum limit that could be made available for a researcher for one day of work.
Usually, building a line from father down to three generations requires 4-5 days of research work.

After completion of the above stage, a joint decision often has to be taken whether and how to continue the research and in what specific way.

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