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Lists of Odessa Jews living in the city in the 19th century

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List of immigrants to the Iman district of Primorsk province

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Website of electronic petitions to the President of Ukraine

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Ukrainian archives open the doors of reading rooms for visitors

Ukrainian archives open the doors of reading rooms for visitors … How do you want to finally read this phrase on the official sites of regional and other archives of Ukraine. This news is eagerly awaited by everyone who wants to restore their family tree, to find interesting facts from their kind in archival documents. From 11.05.2020, cafes and restaurants were opened in Ukraine, hairdressers and beauty salons serve visitors, where, unlike the reading room of the archive, there is close contact between people. And of course, not a single coronavirus can resist the antiseptics that processed archival cases) It all depends on the courage and decisiveness of the heads of regional administrations and the leadership of the State Archive. We like those leaders who will be the first!

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Things to do in quarantine

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Genealogical information in cases of repression 1937-1938

The situation is not uncommon when metric books of birth records of churches or synagogues are not saved, in which there was a record of any of our ancestors, when the true nationality is not indicated in the registry office, when you want to know more about your ancestors, Cases of repression in the USSR in 1937-1938 Can serve as another source of restoration of family history. What information can be gleaned from them read here >>>

Confirmation of nationality using information from the household books of village councils

Are you sure that you have Jewish, Polish or other roots. You have in your hands certificates (extracts from the book of the synagogue or the Roman Catholic church) from the archive confirming the fact of the birth of your grandfather or grandmother in the pre-revolutionary period. But there is a problem – the consul requires at least one document of the Soviet period, in which the necessary nationality is recorded (and this concept was introduced into everyday use in the USSR in the 1920s) and in the civil registry office records in this column “Ukrainian” / “Russian” is written .. . Dead end? Fatally? No chance? Far from a fact. Very often, such a welcome entry can be found in household books of village councils, the official extract from which has full legal force for embassies and consulates. More details here >>>

Settlers and exiles from Ukraine in the mid-19th – early 20th centuries

This year, in addition to carrying out standard genealogical research, we plan to address in depth the topic of settlers and exiles from Ukraine to Siberia. If someone of you is interested in this topic or is related to the fate of your ancestors, write to us.

All with the coming holidays and success to all of you in the New Year!

Informative census of the Russian Empire in 1897 for genealogy

Мы начинаем публиковать краткие обзоры архивных фондов, которые могут быть полезны в генеалогических исследованиях. И начинаем мы как раз с тех фондов, которые многие недооценивают. А ведь некоторые из них гораздо более информативны, чем метрические книги церквей, костелов и синагог. Сегодня мы представляем обзор переписных листов первой Всероссийской переписи населения 1897 года.

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